1. Ooh what are you going to make?

    • I have only just started sewing but I have a crazy urge to make a quilt! No idea why. However the phrase ‘running before you can walk’ keeps springing to mind!

  2. so this is your new toy – love it :)

  3. I am toying with wanting one!

  4. Enjoy! There’s something so therapeutic about a sewing machine..: Apart from when I need to re-thread mine! :D

  5. Wow. Could you zigzag over the patches on my jeans please? Usual place: inner thigh. Good luck with the quilting. I am very lucky to have two quilters in my family – they make the most gorgeous things.

  6. Love the table, love the room, love the flowers, hate the sight of a sewing machine – only because I can’t work mine!

  7. I am only just getting to know mine!

  8. I have been meaning to attempt a quilt too. Mrs Smith would be so proud of us!

  9. Love those flowers :-) I have a sewing and over lockers machine both gathering dust in my cupboard upstairs, I just find the time to make things anymore :-( good luck with your quilting x

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