When one door shuts another one slams…

…and another,
…and another.

Barely two minutes pass in this house at present without the sound of a door slamming shut.

The boy is obsessed.

He is no longer able to sit in a room, any room, if a door is open. This is not just at home either. We had to make our excuses and leave a friend’s house earlier today as he insisted on continually slamming shut their kitchen door, thus rendering it impossible for the host to hear any further guests arriving, and despite repeated warnings from me that if it continued we would have to leave.

It continued.

We left.

Only for the same to resume at home.




It is not just room doors either. Any door will do. Cupboards are good. On opening the fridge door the boy will fling himself full force against it regardless of any limbs that may become trapped in the instance.

A walk to the shops takes five times longer as EVERY gate must be shut on the way past. If it isn’t it will be after we have passed by.

I am left thinking that my only options now are to source some rather large doorstops, preferably six times the weight of a small child, or simply take all the doors off until this phase stops.

It will stop won’t it?

Has anyone else had this trouble?

Please let me know, *desperate face*.


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    T does the same and if we try and stop him he just looks at us like we’re complete idiots and carries on. Once everything is shut he will sometimes open them again for the sole purpose of shutting them. I can only assume they’ll grow out of it. Probably. Hopefully…

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    can imagine the visitors now….no toilet door – dont worry sing loud, we promise not to look on the way by. No front door – burglars paradise, no kitchen cupboard doors – ooohhh yum yum open invite to eat whatever – edible or not. Phase may pass, like every other, if not eventually said child will grow up and leave home

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    Eeek I can’t help! But I do feel your pain…..I think all of these things are just a phase in the toddler world. It will pass and your sanity will be regained – promise!

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    Hmm Matilda likes to shut doors and turn lights off, but not to the extent of your boy. Is it crazy to suggest asking him why he does it? Otherwise I hope for your sanity that it’s just a phase

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      After reading this I thought ‘Why not?’. So I asked him. He looked at me with what can only be described as sheer joy, shouted “SHUT DOOR MUMMY” and launched himself at the nearest door and slammed it shut. Hmmmmmm. Perhaps he is still a bit little to explain LOL.

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