Simple Children’s Valentines Craft

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Below is a quick and simple Valentines craft that children will enjoy making with you.

Valentines Craft

1. First assemble your materials. For this valentines craft you will need:

2. In pencil draw a heart shape on to your card and then cut out a square shape around it.

3. Cover one side of the square completely with overlapping strips of double-sided sticky tape.

Valentines Craft

4. Cut out heart shape from the square.

5. Empty a good amount of glitter into a flat dish.

6. Place card sticky-side down and press firmly into glitter until covered.

7. Attach a cocktail stick to the reverse side with a small piece of tape.

8. Β I also added a small rectangle of card below carrying the message “I love you…”, again securing to the cocktail stick with tape.

And here it is…

Valentines cake topper

Then simply insert into the cake of your choice ready to present as a special Valentines treat, or in Mr B’s case it will be in a pork pie!

Valentines Craft

Happy Valentines folks!


  1. says

    I was thinking of those cake toppers that sit on the cake – the edible kind, and thought how are you going to do that with glitter lol.
    This is brilliant – am off to pin πŸ™‚

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