Prize Draw: Win 12 Bottles of Limited Edition Raspberry and Rhubarb Punch from Shloer

May 12, 2013 by

Prize Draw: Win 12 Bottles of Limited Edition Raspberry and Rhubarb Punch from Shloer

Finally, the summer appears to be making an appearance. This has meant more time in the garden here at Casa B.

Whilst Mr B has spent the odd evening sipping away at a nicely chilled glass of Rose wine, I have been super lucky to have been sent some limited edition raspberry and rhubarb punch from Shloer to try.

It is a grape based sparkling juice drink, minus any alcohol, and flavoured with raspberry and tangy rhubarb. It is delicious served over lots of ice with a slice of fresh lime, though would also be lovely served with a few fresh raspberries too, and is really refreshing.

So, if like me, you are pregnant and avoiding the booze, or you are the designated driver at your next barbeque with friends, I would highly recommend this to bring along with you.

It would also make a nice treat with a roast dinner for any teenagers or non-drinkers in the family.

I am giving away a party pack of twelve, yes TWELVE, bottles to one lucky reader of this limited edition raspberry and rhubarb fruit punch from Shloer.

Simply enter by leaving me a comment telling me your favourite summery drink AND by using the rafflecopter below. Extra entries can also be gained and are listed within the rafflecopter.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the sunshine!

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Disclosure: No payment was received for this post however I was sent one bottle of Shloer Limited Edition Raspberry and Rhubarb Punch for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own and entirely honest.


  1. Maria Turner

    I love Pimms and lemonade in summer time :)

  2. Helen Porter

    nothing better than sitting in the garden with a cold shandy!

  3. charlotte horsfield

    ummm yummy yummy :) home made lemonade x

  4. Lemonade or Prosecco

  5. Alexis Pettie

    Can’t beat an ice cold beer in the summer

  6. Annie Costa


  7. Maz T

    A nice, cold pint of beer :)

  8. Gillian Holmes

    Herbal tea

  9. Looks so refreshing!!!

  10. A nice glass of pimms is great

  11. Kathryn Jones

    a nice cold beer!

  12. Cynthia Graham

    WooWoo on ice

  13. Beth Norfolk

    I love a mojito, lime & mint have to be two of the most refreshing flavours ever!

  14. Mark Johnston

    Diet cola

  15. Sofia

    Good ol’ lemonade

  16. Julie Hayes

    A lovely strawberry milkshake made with fresh strawberries from the garden.

  17. Clare Martin

    I love Pimms in the summer!

  18. Lisa Parker


  19. Anthony C

    A nice pint of lager!!

  20. Rachel Melton

    alcoholic it has to be Midori & Lemonade, however seeing as I won’t be drinking alcohol for the next while whilst i’m pregnant I think my summer drink this year may be Lime & Lemonade – so refreshing

  21. Caroline H

    Elderflower cordial with sparkling water and fresh mint.

  22. Lucy Beal

    I love a Rose Spritzer in the sunshine :)

  23. Laura

    Ice Cold Pepsi

  24. Mark Finch

    A bitter shandy, perfet for a hot summers day

  25. J. Tingay

    Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock

  26. Kiya Parker

    A nice cocktail like Sex On the Beach! x

  27. Gary Topley

    Summer Fruits Juice with Ice x

  28. Lese Adkins

    Fresh orange juice mixed with sparkling water

  29. Michelle Best

    elderflower cordial and soda water – perfect for BBQs!

  30. Phil Darling

    Locally made lime and Chilli

  31. Charlotte Ingham

    Blackcurrent Lemonade

  32. katherine grieve

    Ice cold lemonade xx

  33. Jo Jones

    Shloer of course

  34. Freshly squeezed orange juice

  35. Rebecca Hawkins


  36. Heather Haigh

    Home-made lemonade

  37. Bex allum

    Southern comfort and lemonade :)

  38. Christine shelley

    Pimms on the balcony

  39. David R

    A nice cold beer

  40. C Parkin

    always ginger beer

  41. A Taylor

    Elderflower Champagne – home made!

  42. A. Harrington

    dandelion & burdock with ice and a slice

  43. Catarina


  44. Kate R.

    Pimms x

  45. Natasha Male

    Pimms :)

  46. Rachel Blackburn

    a lovely freshly squeezed orange juice

  47. Kieran

    Pear Cider

  48. laura banks

    cider and blackcurrant with lots of ice

  49. Steve Curtis

    Lager shandy

  50. Charley Foulds

    love smoothies!

  51. Alison Joyce

    Pimm’s and Lemonade you know it’s summer when it’s Pimm’s o’clock.

  52. Kathleen marsden

    Gin lemonade and a slice of lime over ice

  53. donna clinton

    Lemonade with a slice of lime

  54. Haley Redshaw

    Frozen Margarita mmmm

  55. FionaLynne Edwards

    Anything with Elderflower – it’s so refreshing!



  57. Kim Parker

    Peach Juice topped up with Lemonade with ice cubes that have a slight hint of strawberry juice to them ! Absolutely heavenly ! Great for a summers afternoon :)

  58. Alan C

    elderflower cordial

  59. Shona J

    Anything with Midori in it!

  60. Shirley Cheung

    Strawberry lomonade

  61. Kathryn Davies

    Icy cold lager in a frosted glass

  62. Penny Lee

    pear cider

  63. Val Hartley

    grapefruit juice

  64. Lynsey Buchanan

    Crisp, cold glass of white wine

  65. David Hills

    I Love and want them All :)

  66. ashleigh

    I love proper lemonade!

  67. Fiona

    cloudy lemonade

  68. andy harris


  69. Alice

    Fresh pineapple juice

  70. Amy

    Ginger Beer

  71. Claire Smith

    Cuba Libre

  72. Stacey Gahan

    Cloudy lemonade

  73. Vicky Blyde

    I love a nice ginger beer :-)

  74. Clare Perquin


  75. tracy waldock newton

    I love a jug of Pimms with strawberries, mint, cucumber and mint.

  76. sarah birkett

    I’ll be honest any time of year is cup of teatime, but at a party etc I will always accept a Pimms & lemonade

  77. Ian

    cold lager

  78. sian hallewell

    Earl Gray all through the year!

  79. Allan Smith

    Just water.

  80. Rachael G

    Lemonade and orange juice.

  81. Ellie

    I love homemade raspberry lemonade

  82. kimmer2111

    It has to be Pimms and lemonade :)

  83. Rebecca I

    I love a nice cold shandy

  84. Sarahann Tonner

    Lemonade and Lime = so refreshing!!

  85. lily tucker

    Sangria – it makes me feel like I’m on hol!

  86. joanne thomas

    ribena with sparkling water

  87. Jo welsh

    Pineapple juice and lemonade

  88. Jill Webb

    Gin and tonic ice and a slice yummy

  89. Claire Haskins


  90. my favourite summer drink is soda water with lime , ice and lemon

  91. grainne marnell-fox

    pimms and lemonade

  92. elaine hollis

    cool shandy

  93. Susan Bowe

    Pimms :D

  94. Paul Wilson

    Lemonade with real lemons.

  95. Megan A

    Pimms and lemonade.

  96. A nice fruity cider

  97. kirsty lowde

    a nice cold cider!

  98. Carla-Louise Hind

    Pimms … with all the fruit <3

  99. Janet Dring

    Pimms with fruit pieces

  100. abby carroll

    ice cold ginger ale

  101. Andrea Smith


  102. John Benton

    Bulmers over Ice

  103. Ed Zehtab

    Coca Cola!

  104. emma weaver


  105. I love making fruit punches in the summer

  106. helen battle

    Pimms and lemonade

  107. Hannah Oneill

    Pimms and lemonade

  108. homemade lemonade

  109. Marc Chivers


  110. Hassni Malik

    Gin and tonic.

  111. Sarah Benn

    Pineapple juice and Lemonade

  112. Susan Crosswaite

    Elderflower cordial

  113. laura meg miller

    stiffys & cola

  114. Cheryl Kean

    A nice cold kopperberg!

  115. Richard Mortimer

    Lemonade homemade of course

  116. Irene Bolton

    Tonic water with ice and lemon.

  117. LynneH

    Grapefruit juice and ginger ale. Very refreshing

  118. Darren Johnston

    Peach Iced tea over ice

  119. iain

    a nice cold beer

  120. John Taggart



    Pimms and Lemonade :)

  122. Liane

    Home made lemonade

  123. Pam Hubbard

    Ice cold lemonade

  124. Nicola Peate

    My favourite summery drink is Peach Bellini – which I’m hoping to serve at my wedding and I’m looking for a good non-alcoholic alternative for the drivers and mums-to-be so this new flavour of Shloer could be the perfect solution!

  125. Christina Curtis

    Orange Juice and Lemonade!

  126. caro egan

    Pimms and Lemonade is the essential Summer Drink

  127. Fiona Morris

    Pimms and lemonade with fresh mint picked from the garden

  128. Martina

    orange juice or half juice and half water

  129. Diana Cotter

    White wine spritzer

  130. karen hutchinson

    cranberry juice

  131. Becky John

    Magners pear

  132. Allan Wilson

    Gin, Tonic & Fresh Strawberry from the garden

  133. Leanne Court

    Cold Apple and blackcurrent with ice

  134. Denise

    Chilled white wine

  135. Zoe Warren

    G&T or a glass of Pimms :)

  136. Heather T

    My Mum’s homemade lemonade.

  137. strawberry smoothie

  138. Marilyn Kehoe

    Ice Cold Shandy

  139. Zoe Howarth

    Malibu and cloudy lemonade

  140. a lovely slush puppy

  141. foz

    Pina colada

  142. lynn lewer

    Lager Shandy

  143. Adele Hill

    I love Pimms in the summer!

  144. Catherine Whittall

    My favourite summertime drink is dandelion and burdock yum

  145. Donna Mitchell

    Got to be Pimms

  146. Simon Grundy

    Pimms and lemonade

  147. Paula Barker


  148. Tracy C

    A jug of Pimms (unless it has to be non-alcoholic in which case it’s Schloer)

  149. joanne darnell


  150. Lynn Savage

    I love elderflower cordial made in a jug with some strawberries and kept in the fridge, served over ice, yummy

  151. Mary Heatley

    Fruit punch with watermelon in it

  152. Yvonne Burton

    Rose wine with ice

  153. Diane Radford

    Homemade Elderflower cordial or Champagne.

  154. Laura Harris

    Elderflower Presse – very summery!

  155. frn conley

    frozen daiqiri

  156. Claire D


  157. Michael Ambler

    Ginger beer float (i.e with a scoop of icecream)


    Mojito – although its great anytime!

  159. Kate


  160. nikki cook

    chilled lemon tea

  161. Pippa Whybourne

    Pimms & Lemonade

  162. Kevin Honey

    Pims with lots of fruit!

  163. Sarah Spencer

    Pimms and Lemonade

  164. melanie stirling

    Orange juice

  165. Rey

    I love pimms and lemonade or chilled orange juice

  166. Andrea Johnson

    I love Pimms and lemonade

  167. I love having a pint of Guinness in the sun but for BBQs it’s gotta be Pimms & lemonade! :)

  168. Solange


  169. Lisa Day

    Lemonaide as it’s so refreshing

  170. Nancy Townsend

    Cold rosehip tea – tangy and refreshing.

  171. Melanie Dye


  172. Lesley-Ann Dunn

    Pimms and lemonade

  173. Helen Stratton

    Strawberry and Lime Kopparburg

  174. caroline

    I know it’s boring but just water with loads of ice is ace!

  175. k walsh

    lemon and lime

  176. Graeme Macmillan

    Chilled Sparkling Rose

  177. alison johnson

    chilled white wine in my garden x

  178. Amanda Oakley

    Home made lemonade

  179. Tracey Quinn

    Martini and Lemonade

  180. Charlotte Hood


  181. Water with a hint of mint

  182. lyn

    A nice glass of pimms

  183. nichola smith

    a nice tall glass of iced cloudy lemonade :)

  184. julie repper

    Pimms : )

  185. Ice cream and lemonade, and a homemade smoothie! :)


    home made lemonade

  187. LaurieMunro

    Schloer is delicious mixed with Gin.

  188. Emma Thackery

    summer fruits cider


    A cold shandy

  190. Fiona Matters

    Pimms! Such a good summer drink.

  191. ang dunne

    lime and lemonade

  192. sarah rees

    diet cherry coke

  193. Tammy Tudor

    pina coladas

  194. Louise A

    Elderflower cordial (homemade!)

  195. tina edwards

    an ice cold glass of diet coke

  196. Holly Smith

    Cherry Coke

  197. Isabel O'Brien

    Cherry martini or ice cold pear cider. Oh I wish the sunshine would hurry up and arrive!


  198. Susan Ellams

    cocktail with lots of ice

  199. Yvonne West


  200. Nathan Webb

    the new Pear J2O is absolutely delish, will be my favourite this summer, unless you can persuade me otherwise with a case of schloer ;)

  201. Estelle Ford


  202. Usually I like a glass of chilled cider but at the moment (I’m pregnant) it’s raspberry & cranberry cordial with a dash of elderflower and sparkling water.

  203. Marie

    A nice cool shandy!

  204. Vicki Sherman

    Iced Coffee

  205. esther james


  206. Tean Porteus

    Diet CCoke

  207. pimms and lemonade

  208. Kristian

    Orange juice with lime

  209. Jean Bolsover

    Water with flavoured ice cubes

  210. kristy brown

    I love a nice cold lager shandy!


    Elderflower cordial

  212. Elizabeth Williams

    ice cold glass of diet coke with a slice of fresh lemon

  213. I love chilled Oasis – and Belvoir’s limited edition Summer Punch was nice last year ;o)

  214. jane greenfield

    bitter lemon

  215. kim

    homemade lemonade with a dash of lime and ice

  216. Carolynn Woodland

    Homemade lemonade

  217. Jane Betts

    A nice ice cold Malibu and coke – a taste of paradise

  218. Katie Matthews

    Real Lemonade!!! :) mmmmmmmm

  219. Sue Jackson

    White wine. :)

  220. Joanna Murphy

    Ice cold Cherry Bulmers Mmmm :-)

  221. Maggie Osborn

    Pimms :) If only we had a summer to go with it….

  222. clair downham

    chilled white wine

  223. nichola

    i like a ice cold ribena

  224. sarah brooker

    florida orange (orange juice, lemonade & squeeze of lemon)

  225. fruit smoothie

  226. Amy Ripley


  227. Patricia Edwards

    Water with peppermint cordial

  228. orange juice and lemonade

  229. jennifer Toal


  230. Angela Walton


  231. rebecca woodroof

    iced lemonade

  232. SALLY D

    Homemade, traditional lemonade!

  233. Ronni Astroff

    Classic Pimms and lemonade

  234. Sean McCafferty

    Looks Delicious!! YUM YUM!!!

  235. jessica agyin

    i love pink lemonade. so refreshing

  236. Paul Witney


  237. elaine stokes

    Pimms with lemonade yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

  238. Fiorentina Giannitto

    Iced tea :)

  239. caroline pawson

    lemonade with ice and a slice of lemon :)

  240. fruit smoothie with ice

  241. fiona o farrell

    Vodka & Pepsi with lots of ice and a slice of lemon.

  242. Miranda Holman


  243. Laura Cooper

    Elderflower cordial

  244. Homemade elderflower cordial with lemonade

  245. Kelly Dutton


  246. greig spencer


  247. Pam Francis Gregory

    Pimms & Lemonade

  248. Teresa Lee

    Iced Watermelon

  249. angela muir

    Cranberry juice

  250. Gwyn

    I love iced peach tea. Even better when I’m drinking it on a sunny beach in warmer climes!

  251. Alcoholic is Pimms, lemonade and all the garbage. Non alcoholic is Dandelion and Burdock

  252. Vanessa Cox


  253. Yazz Newman

    Malibu & Coke! <3

  254. I love a chilled glass of fino! And by the way, thankyou for linking me on your post :)

  255. alice lightning

    love any ice cold drink still or fizzy the new raspberry and rhubarb sound delicious love raspberries and i love rhubarb ideal compliment to each other

  256. Sarah edwards

    Would have to be pimms but whilst I’m pregnant shloer do a fab non alcoholic version : )

  257. Michelle Clark

    Diet coke :)

  258. Sarah Walford

    Freshly squeezed lemonade over ice

  259. SW Lee

    Home made lemonade

  260. John Naylor

    Ice cold cider

  261. Becci Cleary

    Mango and Lime Smoothie :)

  262. Sue McCarthy

    Rose Wine

  263. Sarah Parkin

    Pimms :)

  264. Either an ice cold coca cola or cloudy lemonade with ice!!

  265. charlotte bendon

    Vodka, lemonade and lime

  266. christina brown

    Elderflower cordial and lemonade

  267. Patricia Walker

    I’m healthily boring I’m afraid….nothing better than sitting with ice cold water!

  268. Giselle


  269. Anne Plumb

    Pimms and lemonade with lots of ice and all the fruity trimmings!!

  270. Michelle Pierce

    Soda water and lime

  271. Christina Jarrett

    Home made lemonade on a hot day! Mmm!

  272. TracyJo (@tjsi1963)

    Lemonade with lots of ice!

  273. Sam Cornford

    Cloudy lemonade.



  275. Victoria Easton

    Mine is quite childish so it is for in my own garden only! – Diet coke poured over a blob of ice cream – a twist on the ice cream float – great!

  276. Sitting outside with a nice cold glass of apple juice

  277. Natalie White

    A cold glass of lemonade :)



  279. Mike Bull

    Ice Tea

  280. corinne wright

    cider and black :)

  281. Emily C-D

    A nice lemon and lime

  282. Amanda Milton

    I love Cloudy Lemonade,with ice )

  283. Debbie Preston

    Raspberry Sambuca and lemonade – delicious and summery taste

  284. Crowley


  285. SJ

    A Henry – half freshly squeezed orange juice and half lemonade.

  286. steven pestel

    yummy yummy yum yum

  287. Mark Fridlington

    A nice Pina Colada by the swimming pool..roll on summer!

  288. Vikkii james

    Green tea and pomegranate with ice

  289. Joanne Benham

    Nothing better on a summery day than a huuuge jug of freshly made pimms with piles of strawbs, cue and mint leaves in it x

  290. Home made lemonade

  291. Mark Palmer

    Apple juice

  292. Jo Turner

    a nice, long glass of Pimms

  293. Julia P

    Pimms :)

  294. Susan Freeman

    a nice cold shandy

  295. claire little


  296. susan,hoggett

    lemon and lime

  297. Naomi Buchan

    Pimms and lemonade or cider shandy x

  298. Arthur

    Lemonade, Lime and Angostura Bitters.

  299. Jenny King


  300. Kirsty Woods


  301. Ella Nixon

    Ice cold ginger beer in the sun…yum!

  302. Bitter LEmon with ice :)

  303. Steve Dittrich

    I simply LOVE rhubarb, so would love to try this!

  304. Molly

    Alcoholic it has to be malibu and diet coke, non-alcoholic a St Clements (orange and bitter lemon) with ice.

  305. Lloyd T

    Pimma and lemonade with all the trimmings

  306. Lyndsey Beckford

    Homemade lemonade :-)

  307. Michelle Weston

    I love ice cold apple juice

  308. adam smith

    ice cold lemonade

  309. Tracy Gladman

    Lemon Iced Tea

  310. Colin Gault

    Ice Cold Beer

  311. Penny Crumpton

    pina colada!

  312. Tracey Tedford

    Freshly squeezed orange juice with ice.

  313. antonia j richardson

    pina colada

  314. hannah massingham

    A nice glass or two of freshly made Pimms, with strawberries and cuecumber

  315. Miss Tracy Hanson

    I don’t drink alcohol very often – had one glass of wine this year at a wedding (never been interested really), so a nice banana and apple smoothie with plenty of ice. Good luck to everyone x

  316. donna large

    pina coloda

  317. Victoria W

    Lime and Lemonade

  318. sarah clegg

    appletiser :)

  319. Janet T

    Lemongrass and Ginger Cordial with soda water.

  320. Oh – A Rose Wine Spritzer is lovely

  321. Samantha R

    i love pims and lemonade


    non aclcahol lilt and alcoholic pimms and lemonade

  323. pimms or lager and lime over ice is yummy on a hot leasurly day in the garden :)

  324. Alex

    Elderflower cordial

  325. Deb Hambleton

    When i lived in Southern England they used to serve a cider in my local that was like a slush puppie – it was gorgeous on a hot summer day!

  326. I love schloer, always have and always will :)

  327. juliette

    Rose Cava – nicely chilled

  328. scarlett brannan

    Pimms and Lemonade, with loads and loads of fruit

  329. Karen Scott

    Pimms but has to be with the fruit cocktail too :-) x

  330. Chloe

    Gin and slim line tonic with lime

  331. karen dixon


  332. jackie rushton

    Pimms and limeade

  333. Wendy Guy


  334. victoria thurgood

    I like a pineapple juice with crushed ice

  335. anita roberts

    elderflower cordial with sparkling water xx

  336. Elderflower water

  337. Kirsty Fox

    Pimms is the perfect summer drink

  338. S Furniss

    Gin, Lemonade, Lime and Elderflour cordial

  339. Looks like a lovely summery drink – we may even get the weather to match!

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