Review: Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm

We were recently asked to take part in a new Fisher-Price Little People … Big Discoveries campaign.  This campaign encourages and celebrates the discoveries and experiences that spark imagination and learning in our little ones, something extremely close to my heart.

As part of the campaign we were delighted to receive the Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm to review.

Before revealing this to W I first of all decided to take him to our local city farm to see some of the animals in context.  So yesterday Mr B, W, Little Miss E and I all headed out in the sunshine for a bit of exploring.

exploring city farm

city farm animals



On our return, much to the boys delight, we then revealed the Fisher-Price Farm.

It was extremely easy to assemble and all of the pieces slotted together easily.  My only criticism was that two assembly screws were actually missing from the package and we had to find the appropriate size from our own supplies.

Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm

The Farm includes a little boy, Eddie, along with horse, cow and sheep figures.  These can be moved around the farm, in and out of the moving gates encouraging dexterity and fine motor skills.  It also includes three fence pieces which can be easily clipped together to form a small paddock, again encouraging grasping and fine motor skills.

A dial at the top of the farm plays several tunes and farm noises, even changing from daytime to night-time farm sounds encouraging play and imagination and helping little ones to learn more about the world around them.

There are also lots of other pieces in the series that can be purchased to expand your farm over time.

Fisher Price Little People Farm

 It has been a huge hit in our household and I have a feeling that we will still be playing with it in many years time.  It is of the high quality you would expect from Fisher-Price and I look forward to expanding our collection in the future and encouraging even more imaginative play.

To see more Fisher-Price products please see their website here, and to find out more about the Little People Big Discoveries Campaign why not pop over to Netmums here.

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  1. says

    That looks brill.

    I look forward to the day when I get home from work to find that someone has bought me a Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Office Environment. It would have three partition pieces whereby I can construct my own suicide-inducing cubicle, a stiff Emergency Exit door that the smokers keep propped open with a dented fire extinguisher, and a dial at the top that sets off the fire alarm at 10:45am every Wednesday morning.

  2. says

    My kids had one of these too when they were little and it was a MAHOOSIVE favourite, we also got the Little People castle too…they just loved them. Can’t recommend their stuff enough.

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