Top Five Christmas Crafts From Red Ted Art

I am MASSIVELY DELIGHTED to have the crafty genius Maggy from Red Ted Art posting for us today.  She is sharing with us five fabulous Christmas Crafts to get us all in the festive spirit.  Take it away Maggy…

Well… I think it is ok to start TALKING CHRISTMAS now, I know some like to wait until say the end of November, but you can’t start soon enough for me and I confess that we have already been listening to Christmas music (I blame the kids of course). But what I really LOVE about Christmas is all the Christmas crafting. Too me, this time is a special time of year to spend time with the kids and “build memories”. I want them to think of Christmas and cozy afternoons “in” making Christmassy things.

So, I would love to share some our Christmas crafts with you.

Here are 5 to get you going…

Homemade gift wrap

First off, I would love to inspire you to have a go at making your own Wrapping Paper – it is easier to do than you think and a great way to involve the kids! We have 12 different ideas for you here. From potato printing, to stamping, to fingerprints etc. You are sure to find some inspiration.

Homemade Xmas Cards from Red Ted Art

Once your wrapping is done, you will need a lovely card to go with it. Make your own Christmas Cards. These Bauble cards are super duper easy and involve kids for all age groups. I know family and friends will love the personalised touch.

Homemade Xmas Tree Decorations From Red Ted Art
Check out our easy and reliable Salt Dough Recipe  and make Christmas Decorations with them. We made some simple hearts using cookie cutters. But the possibilities are endless (or at least as endless as the number of cookie cutters you have at home!).

No-knit stockings from Red Ted Art

Here is one to make with the older kids, or “for your kids”. If you are feeling all festive and want to make Christmas a little more special? Make your own No Knit Knitted Stocking. Yes, a contradiction in terms… but yes, you really can, without having to knit a stitch! Again, this project is relatively easy to make and get the kids involved in designing the initials and details!

 Gingerbread House From Red Ted Art

After all that hard crafting, I now think you deserve a treat.. and an EASY treat… Love Gingerbread Houses? Always wish you were the “parent that made these”, but in reality don’t have the time (who does?!). These MINI No Bake Gingerbread House, will DELIGHT the kids, are seriously easy to make and will make you king or queen of the holiday (no) baking!!
So.. what do you think? Feeling Christmassy yet? There are LOADS more Christmas Craft ideas on Red Ted Art, however, you can also check out my brand new book Red Ted Art, Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids. The book has a number of Christmas crafts in, but also crafts for all year round. You will find things for Easter and the Summer holidays, for Halloween and Autumn. A busy book to keep you and your kids busy all year and for the years to come.
This year we are going to give “The Gift of Creativity”. The idea is to create “Basic” and “Jazzed up” Craft Kits that you can put together yourself – and then, if you wish, add a copy of Red Ted Art the book and you will have a fabulously creative gift – both original and different! What do you think? You don’t need much in a basic craft kit, especially if you add recycled materials and finds from nature…. Job done!

Christmas Craft Hamper

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas Season!

Top Five Christmas Crafts From Red Ted Art
Maggy WoodleyAbout the Author: Maggy Woodley, is a crafty mum of two! She loves everything about crafts and loves nothing better to recycle and forage for craft materials –making crafts economical and fun. Maggy also writes at Life at The Zoo about cooking with kids, gardening and sciency “stuff” and Theatre Books and Movies for well, theatre, book and movies! Maggy’s craft site, Red Ted Art, is also now being translated into German, Spanish and Russian for more people to enjoy!



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