“Patience, n. A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue.” Ambrose Bierce


Patience is something I currently possess in very limited quantities.  Quite unreasonably really.  Baby number two is not even due until 4th July but somehow I had figured it would be here already.

And I feel a bit cheated.

I have hit that end-stage of pregnancy where I have had enough.

I am sick…a lot.

I am mahoosive.

I am ridiculously hormonal and daren’t watch anything remotely serious for fear of the floods of tears that will follow.  I bawled my eyes out at Question Time last week.  FFS.

I am fully aware that all of this is entirely insane and am doing my best to conceal much of this irrational behaviour from Mr B who, as ever, has been brilliant and is taking it all in his stride.

My facebook page followers will know that I was admitted to hospital for a bit due to a sideways swimming baby.  Had that situation remained I would have undergone a c-section last Thursday.

I think this is perhaps why my patience has run out so fast.

I figured I would be home with my baby by now.

Whilst I am hugely grateful that this was not required, and there is currently still a chance of a normal delivery, I just wish we could hurry things along a bit.

I want to meet my baby.

I also want to know that everything is ok.  That he/she is strong and healthy.

The longer I wait the more I begin to panic.

I told you I was a bit insane.

I apologise for these ramblings.

I am in a minor state of despair that I am not disguising terribly well.

I am going to be brave and turn the telly on.  Murder She Wrote is on in a minute.  That has gotta be a safe bet right?

“I’m extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.” Margaret Thatcher


  1. says

    I had both my two by C Section – emergency the first time and elective the second (you could say I chickened out I suppose but I was 45). So much easier knowing the exact date and time junior is due so I feel for you. I majored on episodes of Midsomer Murders and Poirot whilst pregnant and by the way an extreme reaction to Question Time is entirely normal, pregnant or not! Shouting at the TV is normal in this house x

    • says

      Thanks Linda! My first was emergency c-section too. Am beginning to think perhaps I should have booked one this time but then I know I am just getting more and more impatient so perhaps not thinking straight. I think I may go off and hunt down some Agatha Christie to watch. Well I say watch. I mean fall asleep in front of LOL 🙂

  2. says

    I’d say that you’re in good company with regards to the irrational behaviour. I’d be very surprised if there is anyone who could carry a living person inside them for nine months without having the occasional mood swing or ten.

    Baby is strong. Baby is fine. Mummy is doing a grand job so far.

  3. kath knitty mummy says

    I felt the same. I was only 2 days late with number 2 but my first was early so I felt like I should always be early!

  4. says

    I had exactly these feelings as I was convinced my little one would come early and he came 12 days late and over 49hrs after my waters broke (looooong story). I won’t say ‘baby will come when they’re ready’ as when people said that to me I wanted to beat them with a large stick so instead I’ll just say that when the time finally comes I hope everything goes really well and that your stay in hospital is short and as pain free as possible xx

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