Sorry, not sorry, for my sisters

We believe yoju

  Oh. My. God. This has been my worst week for a while.  I am feeling a bit sensitive but MAN I hadn't expected the fights I have had this week. TRUMP This misogynistic assaulter is even being considered for president?  He is delusional.  He is beyond insane.  He is a sexual predator. He's running for president. CHED EVANS VICTIM This poor girl. I am so utterly disillusioned in the British justice system, actually THAT JUDGE, who has basically made it impossible for any woman now to win a rape case.  Who CARES if she had actually slept with ...

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not nonstick

Having recently suffered a #notnonstick tragedy of my own it seems I'm not alone.  The struggle is real people. The irony. At least they taste good. Birthday cake fail. Potato gratin? Massacre in Park City. Happening right now. Cake 1, Robert 0. #nowmyeggslooksad. Now please go and show these poor folk some instagram love.  They have suffered enough. ...

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10 Reasons I HATE Running


It hurts. My calves feel like lead. I discover more bits which wobble that I hadn't noticed previously. All of a sudden there seems to be very little air. And the air that there is feels like travelling through glue. Feeling the need to speed up on sight of another human being...and actually being incapable of doing so. Attempting to convey a 'please don't try and talk to me' smile at said human beings because there is really not enough breath to spare on chat...or smiling come to that. Hills literally get steeper before my very eyes. Ten minutes feel like ten hours. ...

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Meeting Milestones With SMA PRO Toddler Milk

This is a sponsored post.   It is staggering just how quickly my baby became a toddler, particularly so with number two.  When The Boy was born I seemed to wait an eternity to tick off several milestones, first words, first steps, first solid food.  In reality it probably happened just as quickly as with Little Miss but I was really aware of waiting.   Not so this time around.  I almost feel like I blinked and I missed it.  There was also probably some realisation of, in reality, how much harder parenting becomes when they can actually walk and ...

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Top Tips for Taking The Stress Out of Family Travel

Tips for Kids Travel

  As a family of four we are gradually learning that the small things can make a big difference to our family holiday, in particular the journey.  Having just survived a relatively stress free trip to Italy we have put together a list of our top tips. This is an annual excursion for us and has not always been stress free.  I guess practice does make perfect but here are a few ideas to help get you to your destination without losing a child and hopefully still talking to each other. Consider your flight times.  If you can be a little bit flexible with the date and ...

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#ROADTRIP. Road Testing The Peugeot 5008

Peugeot 5008

I am going to come clean straight away.  I am what could be 'loosely' termed as a bad driver.  It is VERY hard for me to admit this.  I am also ultra-competitive.  I am not good at being bad at stuff.  When I say stuff I really mean anything.  But, truth be told, driving is really not my thing. I know this will come out in the comments, yes I am looking at you two, SO, a few facts about me and driving. I wrote off the instructor's car in my first test.  I hit a bridge.  I will not comment further. I had to get out and vomit halfway ...

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Dear Brexiteer,

Dear Brexiteer

Dear Brexiteer, How are you feeling today dude?  Pretty happy I guess, as there is much to celebrate...oh wait. The pound and FTSE have tanked.  Did you get your holiday currency out before you placed your vote?  You little scamp you.  I'm sure all the small businesses in this country, and those who have effectively seen their wages just halve, will be most relieved. Oh and now we can negotiate freely and PROPERLY with Europe to make sure we get our own way.  Yep negotiating is much easier from the outside and I'm sure that they can't wait to have a chat. ...

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What Can My Baby See?

What Can My Baby See

Beginning out as a parent for the first time can be an utterly terrifying prospect.  You have spent the last nine months preparing for this arrival but, in reality, nothing can really prepare you for exactly how much your life just changed. When The Boy arrived the only words to describe how I felt were, other  than total adoration obvs, complete blind panic. How was I ever going to look after this tiny, wriggly bundle? How would I manage to bathe him, feed him, even get him home without actually killing him. He was so precious and, goodness, so so small. The ...

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Middle age…

Minimalist tattoo

So I am totally middle-aged.  Some might say the wrong side of... Mr B and I have now turned from serial wedding guests to serial 40th birthday party-ers...and very fun it is too.  We, as a generation, and I assume like most generations before us, have relaxed with age.  Parties are MORE fun now.  Partly because of the sheer rarity of them but also the fact that you're not worried about who you might end up with.  We are together. Who you're going to talk to doesn't matter.  We've been there.  We've done that.  I know full well that there are three ...

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