Mum of One Will Race for Life: Cancer Research UK

Every two minutes someone in the UK is told they have cancer.  Every TWO minutes.  As long as it takes to boil the kettle.  For the lucky ones those minutes might mean a cup of tea.  For the unlucky, the unthinkable.

Cancer Research UK are continually striving to prevent, diagnose and treat all forms of cancer, and they have saved millions of lives.  But they need our help.  They need funding.

Race for Life is the UK’s biggest fight against cancer and the largest women-only fundraising event in the UK. Since Race for Life started in 1994, an incredible six million participants have raised over £457million, more than any other UK event series raising money to fund cancer research.

Some Race for Life women take part in celebration of surviving a cancer experience. Others take part in memory of a loved one or to give hope to a cancer-free future.  I will be running in memory of several lost family members.

But all of us share a common goal: to raise money for Cancer Research UK’s groundbreaking work and to help save more lives.

On Sunday 22nd July I, along with the wonderful Cat from Yellow Days, my lovely Mum and my good friend Annie will be taking part in the Race for Life in Birmingham.  We would be really grateful if you could show your support for us by donating anything you can spare, no contribution too small, via our fundraising page HERE.

Alternatively if you would like to come along and show your support, or stand ready at the finish-line with a stretcher and an oxygen mask at the ready we would be thrilled to see you.  The rather embarrassing photo shows me, my mum and sister at a previous race for life.  Yes, I really do run like a girl.

Surely that in itself is worth a quid or two?

We would be really very grateful for your support.


Wish us luck!




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