30 Day Shred: An update

So I am now onto level two of the 30 day shred. I managed to complete level one ten times in total over a two-week period. Two days were missed due to work commitments and two due to sheer laziness other things.

My legs were in absolute agony for the first three days and even walking up and down the stairs was like torture. Then, around about day five it stopped hurting. By day seven I was even beginning to enjoy it hate it slightly less.

By day ten I was completing level one and rather than feeling sick and dizzy I actually still had some beans left and was feeling great.

I figured it was time to step it up a gear but not without a progress check. I hit the scales. Nine and a half stone. Exactly. Still.

How? I have also been watching my diet and missing out on lots of lovely naughty stuff. While Mr B has been swigging his wine and munching his cake I have nursed my fizzy-water and tried to feel virtuous. But still the scales won’t shift.

I then read this post by fellow blogger Melksham Mum who is having a similar issue. But after seeing her awesome before and after shots I decided to re-measure my waist. I have lost nine centimetres!


Today I completed level two.

I feel sick.

And dizzy.

But determined.

I will get shredded.

Just watch me.

Oh Lord I sound like an American talk show host.


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      It is so hard to get back to it when you have missed a few days isn’t it? Melksham Mum got a bit fed up near the end so has started alternating with running. Might try this.

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    Reading the first paragraph didn’t do much to sell it to me but I’m glad i carried on because now I am rather motivated to have a go myself. Need to rediscover my waist!

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    Nice one, JB!

    I’m not familiar with this particular routine, but it sounds as if you’ve increased your muscle mass. That’ll be why the scales haven’t moved.

    Keep at it.

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      I hope so and I think you’re right. There is quite a lot of strength training so am hopefully getting a little less flabby and a little more buff. If my waist keeps shrinking I’ll be happy!

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    I’ve had the exact same problem with the scales accept my problem is MUCH BIGGER than yours with the marker stuck at 11 stone. If it was stuck on 9 and a half I would be one happy bunny! It is true with the whole muscle mass thing but still very frustrating when my fitness app keeps predicting another half stone loss in the next five weeks – it’s not happening 🙁 BUT the measures are dropping 😀 Well done for sticking at it. I feel really guilty now if I miss a day or have a bad day eating pie – which I have in the fridge for dinner tonight. Oops! x

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      I have done better at sticking to the exercise than at watching the calories. Still, you can’t be good at everything right? 😉 You can really see the difference in your photos, you’re doing great!

  4. witches_rave says

    I started this before my holiday last year but never finished! Maybe seeing your results will kick me into starting it up again!…maybe… (I am very lazy!)



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