Product Review: 360 Toddler Anywayup cup

Last month W was very kindly sent the 360 toddler cup to try out from

We have spent a good few weeks putting it through it’s paces and to be honest I have mixed feelings about it.

I should state however that W LOVES it. He really does. It is always the first beaker he reaches for from the cupboard and whether this is down to it’s aesthetic appeal, it is very bright and colourful, or down to the sipping action required I am not quite sure.

The 360 toddler cup has been designed with a circular-valve system allowing your child, with a gentle sipping action, to drink from anywhere around the rim without spillage.

They also promise to be leak-proof.

So why am I not sure about it?

Well, the rim of the cup does screw on tightly so it won’t fall off, and when carried haphazardly by your toddler it truly doesn’t spill.

But it does leak. Not a huge amount but you cannot hold it “anyway-up” without some leakage. The circular-valve system also meant that when dropped from a high chair, instead of simply spilling, an arterial-like spray of milk flew around the kitchen in a 360° ring meaning that instead of simply having to mop the floor I had to also wipe down the fridge, the wall, the hob and myself into the bargain.

But what I really don’t like is the lid.

It comes with a simple push-on lid that clips on simply but is an absolute demon to get off. It is really, really hard to unclip. This generally means that after the cup has been bobbing about in my bag for a while, when I come to fetch it a small pool of milk has inevitably leaked into the lid which, when I finally manage to prize away from the cup, instantly sprays into my face. Not good.

So all in all I am not sure about it. It retails at £5.95 which would not be unreasonable if it were not for a few minor design flaws. I love the idea but I think improvements could be made, and in fact with a few small adjustments I would probably pay considerably more. It really is a great idea.

But what do I know? The boy LOVES it.

Disclosure: No payment was received for this post but the cup was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

19th December: Response to this review from

I received this response earlier today. I would whole-heartedly agree with this in that the cup is, indeed, spill-resistant.

Historically we only claimed that the 360 was “spill resistant”, not “leak proof” but it became caught up in the change to “drip free” to keep it in line with the wording on the other SKUs, when we developed the new packaging; something we will look to reverse when we complete our packaging review (currently under way).

I agree that the cap is very difficult to remove but in my experience it is only when the lid is unscrewed from the base and because there’s no leverage. If the lid is screwed to the base, the cap should be much easier to prise off

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