Simple Children’s Valentines Pud

Feb 9, 2013 by

Simple Children’s Valentines Pud

W is starting to want to get more and more involved with activities around the house, cooking especially. This simple valentines pud is something we whipped up in literally five minutes but he really enjoyed mixing up the ingredients and just being a part of things.

This one couldn’t be simpler. We just jazzed up an everyday pud with a few sprinkles.

All you will need is:

    • 1 packet strawberry Angel Delight or similar
    • 1/2 pint whole milk
    • Hand whisk and mixing bowl
    • Sprinkles


W mixing pud


Simply whisk up the packet ingredients with the milk in a large bowl until smooth and creamy. Pour into individual bowls.

Allow to stand for five minutes to thicken.

Add sprinkles and serve.

valentines pud

This has to be the easiest Valentines pudding ever but it is one that the kids will enjoy both making and eating so, go on, why not give them a little treat this Valentines Day?


  1. Love this! All my kiddies love angel delight – sprinkles is a fab idea. Cheap & great way for them to feel involved in Valentines Day :)


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