How to Make a Cotbed Quilt for Beginners, Step 2: Preparing to Sew the Front of Your Quilt

Ok, so we have all of our materials ready for the main part of the quilt, the front.

You should have 64 5 x5″ squares of fabric.

It is time to lay out your quilt.

You need to lay out your squares in eight rows of eight squares as shown below.

This is harder than you first think. Β You need to try and avoid bunching up similar colours or patterns and it may take a good few attempts before you are happy with it.

Laying out quilt

This is mine. As you can see Mr B was supervising from above!

Once you are happy with your arrangement you need to start stacking your squares in rows.

We will call the top row Row 1 and number the squares 1 to 8 starting from the left.

Numbering quilt rows and squares

You now need to stack your rows into individual piles. Start with row 1 and stack your squares with square 1 at the top and square 8 at the bottom.

stacking squares

Label this row and pin securely into a pile.

Repeat through rows 2-8 individually.

Preparing to Sew

Now you are ready to begin sewing!

For this move on to Step 3: Sewing a row of squares.


    • says

      I wanted to do something for people like me who have NEVER heard any of the terminology before. A lot of the stuff I read just assumed a certain amount of knowledge that I really didn’t have. I hope this might help people in the same boat πŸ™‚

  1. says

    I would love to be able to sew but I have just learnt to crochet so will maybe have to leave quilting until I have mastered that. You have made all the steps so clear I think that even a novice like me could make an attempt at a quilt!

      • says

        πŸ™‚ I’m afraid that there are much better crochet blogs out there than I could ever attempt. I pour over everything on Attic 24 and just need to keep practising. If you don’t know her blog it is a great place for crochet tutorials.

  2. says

    Lovely selection of fabrics. I’m making a patchwork union jack cover for my little one. A stupidly huge project that I won’t finish until she’s off to Uni!

  3. Rachel says

    ooh lovely post! I have a hoard of fabric and quilty things to do but haven’t had any time to start yet! This might just be the kick I need!

  4. Em says

    I just wanted to say thanks so so much for this guide to quilting. I’ve just completed my first ever quilt (had only ever made cushion covers before!) and am so pleased with it! Great guide


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