Easter Craft:Sp-EGG-tacular Superheroes!

I just could not stop giggling whilst making the following Easter eggs.

I really hope they will make you smile.

You can find templates for all of the ‘clothes’, feet and badges available to download free of charge here…Superhero templates

Happy Easter!

How to Make a Spider-egg-man:

First dye a blown-out egg-shell overnight in a large bowl containing one cup of water and one teaspoon of red food colouring.

Remove and allow to dry thoroughly for 24 hours.

With a permanent marker draw on web lines over the top 2/3 of your egg.

Draw on web

Next paint the bottom 1/3 of your egg with Modge Podge glue or similar.

paint bottom modge podge

To this, add small strips of blue tissue paper and layer until bottom of egg is covered and even.

stick on tissue

Don’t worry if the top is not straight as you are about to cover this with a thin strip of red felt which is glued on as a belt.

Add belt

Cut out two cardboard eyes, outline with black, and glue into position.

Stick on eyes

Cut out feet from red card and attach. For this I used sticky pads but I imagine blue-tak or similar would also work. (Free templates for the feet and eyes are available to download and can be found at the end of this post.)

Attach feet

And there you have it…a sp-egg-tacular spider-egg-man!


How to make Bat-egg-man:

After several unsuccessful attempts at dying a blown-out egg-shell grey, (apparently that was NEVER going to work, who knew?), I gave in and painted it using some silver fingerpaint W and I had been using to decorate an Easter garland. ย Allow to dry.

painting batman

Next cut out some black felt shorts…

batmans shorts

…and stick these on along with a yellow felt belt.

Batmans belt

Draw, cut out and colour your Batman belt on card and glue this over the belt.

Batman badge

Cut out the front and back of your cape from back felt and then sew together.

Batman cape

Place on your egg and glue on googley eyes.

Batman eyes

Finally cut out black feet from card and attach to the bottom of your egg.

And there you have it…



How to make Super-egg-man:

Dye a blown-out egg-shell blue using one cup of water mixed with one teaspoon of blue food colouring.

Allow to dry thoroughly overnight.

Cut out your felt shorts and belt and draw, cut out and colour your Superman badge.

Superman pieces

Attach these to your egg with glue along with a pair of googley eyes.

Glue together

Cut out a red felt cape and glue to the back of your egg.

Superman cape

Finally cut out some red card feet and attach.

And here he is…



I was about to start on a Star Wars set but figured perhaps I should go and do some housework or something!

Maybe next Easter.

Speggtacular superheroes

easter superheroes



  1. says

    Oh my goodness, now brilliant are these??!?!? FANTASTIC! I bet you had great fun doing them. I want to do some now too…

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty over on RedTedArt.com


  2. Momofthree says

    OMG! I am so in love with these and my son is a super hero fanatic! His bday is just after Easter and I have been trying to convince him to do and Easter party, but he wants batman; I think with this we will both win and have tons of fun making them!!!


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