How to Make a Cotbed Quilt for Beginners, Step 7: Layering and Basting Your Quilt.

Now that we have added our borders and the front of our quilt is complete it is time to start putting all the layers together.

First I would strongly recommend that you iron both the backing material and the front of your quilt so that both can be laid nice and flat.

Iron backing

Next lay out your backing material, right side face down, on a flat hard surface. If you have a wooden or tiled floor this would be ideal. I had to make do on the carpet. Smooth out any creases to make sure that it is flat and then secure the edges to the floor with masking tape.

Tape quilt backing, face down, to the floor

Now, roll out your batting on top of the backing material, again smoothing out any creases and then place the front of your quilt, right side up, on top of this.

Layer batting and front of quilt

At this stage I find it really helps to run a warm iron over the top which seems to help all three layers stick together.

Now it is time to baste your quilt. This simply means to secure all three layers together. You can buy various basting sprays to do this, or special basting pins which are curved to make this easier, but I used plain old safety pins and it worked just fine.

Start in the centre of the quilt and work outwards. I began by pinning along the vertical centre line, between squares 4 and 5, one pin in each square. I then pinned along the centre horizontal line, between rows 4 and 5, again one pin per square.

Pin quilt layers together

Continue to pin along your vertical and horizontal lines, working outwards towards the edges. You will need a whole bunch of pins, 144 to be exact! Eventually each individual quilt square should have four pins around it as shown.

Basting your quilt

And now you have successfully basted your quilt!

Using scissors trim around the edges leaving a couple of cm or so beyond the edge of your quilt front. Don’t worry that it is a bit rough and ready, we will trim more neatly once the quilting is finished.

Trim edges

Now you are ready for Step 8: Quilting your layers together.


  1. Cat (Yellow Days) says

    It’s looking so pretty, you clever thing! Mrs Smith would have been very impressed.

  2. playspotter says

    Wow – just found this and it looks like fab instructions – I’m just getting into sewing so think I’m a wee bit off this yet – but am bookmarking you for when I feel ready to take on this project in the future!

    • says

      To be honest I only started sewing myself a few months ago and with no lessons, unless you count pinterest! I promise, if you can sew in a roughly straight line you will find this easy! Good luck 🙂


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