Best Ever Driving Song?

Carcraft are currently on the hunt for the UKs best ever driving song?

I am sure this is a question most of you will find easy to answer. Me…not so much. Partly because I have a pretty chequered history of driving.

It took me no less than seven attempts to pass my driving test. I MAY have crashed in one and there MAY have been a little but of vomiting in another but, like THEY say, seventh time’s a charm.

Don’t they.

I then drove for a grand total of about 12 months before deciding I hated it and sold my car.

During that 12 months though I would never drive without music and I loved putting together compilations to suit my mood.

I loved to listen to the Prodigy, but soon realised that had a crazy effect on my speed and was in great danger of losing my hard-earned licence.

Anything too slow though and I would get a bit sleepy and maybe take my off the ball/road as it were.

My Father In Law now chooses to listen to Classic FM as a way of keeping his road-rage under control and his swearing to a minimum.

Mr B seems to favour anything that you can sing at the top of your voice and bounce in your seat to.

But for me, in my limited driving experience, this was my favourite…

Take on Me

It is also my favourite song to dance like a loon to if you ever want to take me for a boogie.

How about you?

What is your best driving song?

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in association with Carcraft however all words are my own.


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