Top Tips on Baby-Proofing Your Home

Keeping your home safe for your child is a seemingly never-ending task.  The more they develop and grow the more you need to do to ensure their safety around the home and then, just when you think you are there, like me, you might just decide it is time for another baby and so it all begins again.

Below are some simple steps that you can take to try and keep your home safe for your baby or child and hopefully help you to avoid head injuries, bumps, cuts and even accidental poisonings!  You would be surprised at the stuff you can leave lying around.


Ten Top Child Safety Tips For The Home

1.  Cover up any unused plug sockets.  If your baby is crawling around those little nooks and crannies are just too tempting for tiny fingers.

Cover empty plug sockets


2. Make sure all medicines and chemicals such as cleaning products are securely locked away in cupboards.  These cupboard latches are great for when your child is small but as they get bigger, and more adept at grasping things, you may need to consider moving all such products high up out of their reach.

Lock away chemicals and drugs

3. Likewise, make sure all sharp objects such as knives, scisors, gardening tools etc are kept well out of the reach of grasping little hands.

4. Make sure loose cords from appliances are carefully tucked away and not left dangling across the floor as they could easily become wrapped around the neck of a rolling baby.

5. Also as your child gets bigger beware of cords from window blinds.  Children will often like to climb and again could find themselves easily entangled in these.  Either keep long cords hooked up out of harms way or consider a change to curtains, especially in a child’s bedroom.

6. As your child learns to crawl and move about more you will also need to consider gating off any stairs securely.

Put up stair gates

7. Make sure sharp corners on tables and other low-lying surfaces are covered to avoid cuts and bruises to the head as your child learns to walk. These simple corner covers are self adhesive and are available from IKEA.

Cover sharp corners

8. Do not leave small shiny objects such as loose change lying around.  They are just too tempting and to little ones will look good enough to eat!

9.  Likewise avoid letting your child play with your keys.  I know they all love to jangle them but If they trip whilst playing with them they can cause serious damage to the face and eyes.

10. Finally try and see the world the way your child does. get down to their level and crawl about on your own hands and knees. This way you may just spot areas of potential danger that you might otherwise have missed.

If you have any other tips on how to keep your home safe for your child please do let me know below.  I would love to hear them.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you in association with Irwin Mitchell however all words are my own.  Please see my disclosure policy for more details.



  1. says

    I think it’s a good idea to gate off the kitchen as well when they’re tiny. And pots and pans’ handles should always be turned inwards over the hob – away from reach again. I’d never thought about keys being so dangerous – but, of course, you’re absolutely right.and those cords from blinds are a real worry. Great post x

    • says

      That is a really good point about the hob! My little one loved to just reach his hand up and run along the tops of the counters etc which could so easily lead to a horrible accident! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  2. says

    I love those table corner protectors – we had them all taped up. I found you via the Monday Parenting Pin It linky and have pinned your article @more4mums

  3. says

    Some great ideas here my dear – brilliant – though I have to say we have probably been a little too relaxed from what I read here…don’t think I will be getting any awards for this myself! 😉

  4. Andrea says

    you also really want to tether any items that could tip over to the wall. They sell the tethers at buybuybaby or You do not want anything crushing your little one.

  5. vaneesa says

    Make sure all TVs are bolted or strapped tight to the wall. Little ones love banging on the screen and you don’t want those heavy screens falling down on them.

    • says

      Very true! Luckily our TV is very old and heavy and won’t budge an inch but when we do get around to updating it this is definitely something to be careful about. Thanks for commenting.


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