1. Ohh Is it that time already?? Wow!! I hope these last few weeks go well and aren’t too tiring!

  2. Have fingers crossed for you

  3. Hope the baby comes quick.

  4. Oooo I remember drinking about a gallon of this stuff! Much nicer chilled with some ice – I used to add a dash of Ribena to help the taste. Hope baby decides to make a move soon x

    • Thanks Annie. Luckily I don’t mind the taste too much but hadn’t thought of chilling it, great idea!

  5. ugh! Even thinking about that stuff makes me gag! Mind you, I bought the tablets with my last. He was 13 days late and was induced- so I dont recommend them!!

  6. oh no overdue, you have my every empathy! hope baby make an appearance soon x

  7. Hope it works for you! x

  8. ginacaro

    I remember drinking this. I swear it helped though, I use to get lots of braxton hicks after drinking it too

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