Toddler Craft: Super Simple St Patrick’s Day Cards

With St Patrick’s Day approaching I thought it might be nice for the boy to make a simple St Patrick’s Day card for his Irish Grandparents.

It had been a while since we got out the paints so we decided to go back to one of our favourite, and simple, toddler crafts: cotton wool painting.

Toddler Craft: Simple St Patrick's Day Card

To make this card all you will need is:

  • White card
  • Green paint
  • Googley eyes
  • Green pen
  • One keen toddler

Painting materials

Once you have all your materials ready help your toddler to splodge out four green shapes with the cotton wool, roughly the shape of a clover leaf.

Splodge out clover leaf

Once dry, with a green pen simply add on a bit of leaf detail, stem shape and, of course, some googley eyes and a smile to complete your lucky four-leaf clover friend!

St Patrick's Day Card



We then had some fun just splurging out lots more shapes and colours on random bits of card, which also make really cute cards and keepsakes of your little one’s artwork.

I hope that you all have a great St Patrick’s Day this year!

Love jbmumofone



  1. says

    Oh that is so cute and so easy. I always keep a huge bag of cotton wool in our craft box but we have never painted with it, that is a lovely idea as it is so tactile. Love the cheeky face on your clover too x

  2. cassfrugalfamily says

    I love anything St Patricks Day related although that#s probably because it’s my birthday x x

    Pinned x x

  3. says

    Cute and simple – it’s got me thinking – if we were to try cotton wool painting onto wet kitchen roll, would you get a really splodgy result?

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