…and relax.


I blogged some time ago about my lack of me-time.  Well this morning I got some.  An entire morning, no less, with Mr B at work and W in nursery.  Did I savour every moment, enjoy every little minute, cram in all those lovely things I want to do but never seem to have the time?  Did I? Well, this is how it went.  Picture the scene.  It is 8am, the boys have left and I am snuggled up in bed.  Awake. Left ear fairy: Mmmmm go back to sleep Right ear fairy: You could always get up and clean the bathroom you know.  While it's quiet. Left ear fairy: Shhh, no sleep.  You said you were ...

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Me-time, Schmee-time.

Recently the awesome Mother Venting posted about her me-time, or more accurately, the lack of it. You can check it out HERE. I sympathised whole-heartedly. So imagine my joy when several days ago I discovered that, due to the pre-Christmas drop in folks wanting surgery, I have a work-day cancelled AND a child in nursery FOR THE WHOLE DAY. A year or so ago my plan for such a day would probably have consisted of the following. Have a lie in. Get up, shower, dress, apply make-up, dry AND straighten hair. Go for leg-wax, hair-cut or manicure, or possibly all three. Arrange to meet friends ...

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