Halloween Craft for Toddlers

Oct 12, 2012 by

Pinterest is chock-a-block with wonderful Halloween ideas at the moment and when I stumbled across this post I decided to get crafty myself.  Since W is only a toddler he is not really big enough to get involved with pumpkin carving yet, so this felt pumpkin seemed to be a great way to involve him in the Halloween fun.


As I currently have my Mother-in-laws sewing machine on loan I decided to see what I could cobble together.  It turned out to actually be pretty simple.



          • Cut out two identical pumpkin shapes from felt squares.  I chose orange and green.
          • Cut out green stalk shape and pin, then sew to back felt shape.
          • Pin both pumpkin shapes together.
          • Sew around the edges but do not sew across the top leaving the top open to form a pouch.
          • Cut out lots of black felt shapes to make eyes, noses, mouth etc.

And there you have it. A felt pumpkin for your toddler to decorate and the pieces can be kept inside the pumpkin pouch when you have finished.

Crafty crafty eh?


  1. Those look great! Thats something my 4 year old would love to make.


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