Prize Draw: New Tetley Estate Selection Tea

The lovely folks at Tetley recently sent me a box of their new Estate Selection tea to try. I was delighted. Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea?

We are already daily Tetley Tea drinkers at Casa B but it is our regular tea. Our first thing in the morning, just got home from work, just fancy a quick sit down regular-tea. When we want something a bit fancier Mr B will whip out the Earl Grey although personally I sometimes find it a little too perfumey.

I have found this new Estate Selection Tea to be the perfect compromise. It has just a slightly more floral taste than regular Tetley, making it feel just that little bit special, whilst being affordable enough to drink everyday.

If you fancy upgrading your tea-break I am giving away a box of Tetley Estate Selection Tea, approximately 80 bags in each, to three lucky readers. Simply enter via the Rafflecopter below and let me know which is your most important cuppa of the day. Extra entries can be gained in the usual ways.

Good luck!

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  1. Helen Moulden says

    The morning ‘just woke up bleary eyed, tripped over the cat on the way to make it’ cup of tea…

  2. Wendy Lam says

    Definitely my morning one too. Don’t really have much of an appetite in the morning but yet I always crave for a good English Tea to wake me up. I even leave the teabag in there so it is more caffeinated.

  3. Michelle Best says

    When I return from the school run and the morning chaos is over – can sit down for 5 mins with a cuppa before the days chores start!

  4. Rachael G says

    The first cup of the evening when the kids are in bed and I can finally relax…and get to drink it whilst it’s still hot!

  5. nichola armstrong says

    last one at night.. it a great finish to the end of the day. I enjoy it most because everyone else is in bed and i can relax and enjoy it in peace and quiet.

  6. natalie white says

    has to be my morning cuppa. really sets me up for the day.. and i need it with 2 daughters moaning at me before school, ‘where’s this, where’s that?’ a teething 19 week old πŸ™‚

  7. Charley Foulds says

    the one after a long day at work- the best way to relax and unwind after being stressed and on my feet all day!

  8. Ruth Barber says

    I agree with everyone else, It has to be the first cuppa of the day, Its what gets you going before the daily grind..

  9. Karen Manton says

    The early morning cup of tea when it seems the whole town is still asleep and I can sit and ponder the day ahead over a syeaming hot cuppa… bliss!

  10. Vic says

    The one that I have after taking the dog out in the morning. so lovely to know I don’t have to go out again for a while

  11. Lese Adkins says

    Best cuppa is when I come back from walking the dogs…me and the dogs are happy and relaxed

  12. Kimberley Stone says

    My day isn’t worth bothering with if I can’t have my “thirst” thing in the morning cuppa! It’s the only way I can function!

  13. tracey gibbons says

    that first cuppa in the morning, even better is when im up before everyone else and i can sit and enjoy the peace and quiet for 10 minutes

  14. Sarah Smith says

    as im pregnant i have to limit my caffeine so all that im allowed are important, must say the first one of the day though is always the ‘special’ one lol

  15. sian hallewell says

    My mother doesn’t know how I manage to start the day without a drink, but I do and perhaps thats why I really appreciate a nice cup of tea about 10:30, often listening to the quiz on radio 2.

  16. Tammy Tudor says

    The last one of the day for me! It helps me to unwind and relax no matter how hectic that day has been it takes me into heaven

  17. melanie stirling says

    The first one in the morning,my husband always gets up and brings me a cup of tea in bed.

  18. Susan El Carter says

    The first one I drink, in the morning, to open my eyes up properly. It always seems to be the best tasting too.

  19. claire matthews-curtis says

    The first one of the day, got to savour it as it’s normally the only one i get in peace lol

  20. Rebecca Nisbet says

    First thing in the morning and last thing at night, also 1st one when my daughters napping, and 1st one when I get into work, and then the one I have at work after all theory is done, sod it, every cup of teams an important one!

  21. nichola crowe says

    around 2:00 its when the house is silent and just before i have to get the kids from school and the caos starts again

  22. Fran Light says

    When I get home from work – I kick my shoes off, give the cat a cuddle and enjoy a blissful five minutes of doing nothing but drinking my tea – and then I get up and get on with whatever tasks I’ve set myself for the evening!

  23. Alex Telford says

    Each and every cup is important to me, and believe me, there are plenty of them over the course of a day!

  24. John Naylor says

    First one of the day… and coffee should not be allowed in the same kitchen as tea as tea deserves respect!

  25. caroline scott says

    the first thing I do in the morning is put the kettle on and brew a pot of tea. Everything else can wait until I’ve had that first cuppa.

  26. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    Last one at night – when everyone’s gone to bed and it’s a chance for some “me-time” and a nice cuppa. Good luck to everyone x

  27. mel crossan says

    the second cup of the day… the first goes by unnoticed as i wake but the second from the pot is just perfect

  28. Christine Mutter says

    After I get in work, turn my computer on I can sit down and relax for 5 minutes with a nice cuppa – after the manic rush of getting the kids ready for school and getting to work

  29. Rachel S says

    Best cuppa of the day is the one in the evening when i get home from a busy day at work…. bliss!

  30. Liz Ferguson says

    My mornings are so hectic, & I’m in such a spin, I could be drinking neat vodka for all I know (that might be an idea, though!).

    My favourite cup of tea is at night, when all is quiet.

    I like to fill the sofa, with only me.

    I like to watch the TV, with something that I enjoy.

    I still use my brother’s huge navvy’s style mug, which he gave to me years ago.

    I like to have this cup of tea with hot buttered toast or cookies … Sometimes both, just depending!

    The best things in life don’t have to cost a lot!

  31. Rachael Donovan says

    second one of the day once i ve done all the school drop offs and get back to a quiet house, i can actaully relax with it!

  32. Patricia Walker says

    the most important one of every day is the one I sit down to when I’ve completed my daily tasks be it the dayily housework or painting the doors/walls/woodwork in my new home!

  33. Kerrie McKay says

    My most important cup of the day is my 7pm one. This is the cuppa I can really relax with and I do not have to rush it. I like to make it strong so I usually take a bit of time when making it.

  34. stephen holman says

    most important cuppa for me is the first one of the day when i get to work before the onslaught begins πŸ˜€

  35. Elle Sanderson says

    My most important cuppa of the day is in the morning, i cannot function without a brew and a biscuit in the morning

  36. katrina adams says

    Like most here, it’s that first brew in the morning that gets me up and moving. I would say after that though it has to be the one I have when I get in from work as I have a 40 minute walk home and if it’s cold out I really need that cuppa.

  37. Caroline Mcgovern says

    When I’ve taken the kids to school. I come home and it’s just me and the bubba and he has a little sleep. I can just sit there for about half an hour in pure silence with my cuppa….HEAVEN

  38. Katy MacLachlan says

    when I get back from work at 9pm after a day spent at university, then a shift at work. the moment I get to sit on the sofa with a cup of tea is total bliss, aaaaahhhhhh. it can only be improved upon if someone is offering a biscuit to go with it.

  39. Hayley Todd says

    It has to, without a doubt, be the very first cuppa of the day! I cannot function without it πŸ™‚

  40. Maria Messruther says

    First thing on a morning, after putting toys away, making dinner, relaxing watching a bit of tv. Everytime i put the kettle on is the most important lol

  41. Hilary Grey says

    A proper afternoon tea – little egg salad sandwiches, homemade cake and a pot of really good tea. That’s the best ever. πŸ˜€

  42. paul baker says

    first thing in the morning I cant function without it I cant eat a bite of breakfast until ive had my cup of tea

  43. leighanne palfrey says

    defo the first one in the morning , 6 o clock when everyone else is in bed …. bliss :O)

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