Egg-Carton Craft: Pretty Easter Baskets

This week I was invited to attend my first ever Google + Craft Hangout by the crafty queen herself, Maggy aka Red Ted Art.

The theme for the hangout was egg-cartons and I saw some great ideas including cress-planters by Chris at Thinly Spread, paint-palletes by Rebecca at Here Come The Girls, and pretty flower fairy lights by Maggy herself.

I must confess I missed a bit as I am not very techy and was unsure if I needed my own video connected so wasted quite a bit of time faffing about installing the necessary gubbins but will try and be more organised next time!

Anyway, here is what I came up with.


Pretty Easter Baskets

Collect scraps of old fabric and cut into strips approx 1″ wide.

Fabric strips

Stick these to an old egg-carton lid with Modge Podge or similar…

Modge Podge to lid

…and layer until completely covered.

Layer until covered

To make handle plait together three pipe-cleaners and thread coloured beads along each strip as you go. Attach to your lid with sticky tape to form basket and fill with shredded tissue paper.

Easter Egg Carton Basket

So there it is, a pretty Easter Basket made from an old egg-carton and ready to fill with treats on your Easter egg-hunt.

Happy Easter folks!

Pretty Easter Baskets



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