Belly-busting time again, with a helping hand from Davina for Next.

I have very exciting news ladies, oh yes.  Exercise is about to get easier, and prettier than ever before in 2012 as the lovely Davina herself has teamed up with Next to help us on our way with her new ‘Davina for Next’ range.  She has designed a range of fitness clothing and shoes that provide both practical, pretty and pound-busting solutions that will knock almost all of our “I can’t do anything today because…” excuses right out of the park.

Once again my New Years Resolution, like many Mums, is to get fitter, slimmer and more toned.  I aim to be realistic here though.  I KNOW that I am not going to go out for a jog every night.  I KNOW I almost never have time to go the gym, even if I could afford to, so my plan has to be something manageable.  I also, sadly, KNOW that I will never be as small as I was pre-pregnancy.  But I also KNOW I can look better than this.

So, in order for this to happen I need to tackle those excuses.  And Davina for Next has a lot of the answers.

Excuse Number One: “I don’t have time”.  This is something all Mums struggle with so imagine my delight when I heard about these little beauties…
Aren’t they purdy?  These snake-effect ballerina pumps are just £32 from Davina for Next and as well as looking simply fabulous darling, they will increase both calf and hamstring activation by up to 12%.  They are MAGIC PUMPS.  Well almost.  They are actually harnessing Next’s F.I.T technology which does something super smart and means even walking to work, the shops or an evening out can be part of your overall fitness plan.  And you still look great. These are top of my wish-list.

Excuse Number Two:  “My boobs are now too big for all that jumping about”.  A decent sports bra can be hard to find but Davina has made sure that her exercise tops are extremely secure so there should be no jiggling when you’re wiggling.  I have my heart set on this pink racer-back vest, £28 from Davina for Next.

Excuse  Number Three:  “But my feet hurt when I run”.  I think as well as my hips, boobs and belly, my feet also got bigger while pregnant as many of my shoes, and trainers, really don’t fit well anymore.  The one-time I DID manage to get my bottom out running I had bleeding ankles for days afterwards.  Not great when motivation was already a little low.  But look at these…

They are just too pretty and combine comfort with that magical F.I.T muscle boosting thingy so you get even more for your efforts.  I WANT THESE.  They are a very reasonable £45 from Davina for Next.

Excuse Number Four: “It is too dark to go out by the time Mr B gets home from work and can look after W”.  The crafty minx has even sorted this one out by placing reflective strips on her running bottoms so you can easily be spotted in the dark.  And this pair looks so comfy.

These technical joggers can be yours for £32 from Davina for Next.

So, thats nearly all of my excuses gone.  She can’t design me some superhuman will-power aswell can she? No?

Ok so this year my manageable plan consists of…

  1. Wearing the magic pumps to and from work, which will be twice a week.
  2. To do an exercise DVD at home three times a week.  Am still doing the lady herself’s Super Body Workout and really love the Super Sculpt routine.  Got a bit slack recently though.
  3. To try and do 50 sit-ups daily.
  4. I HATE THIS ONE…to go out for a RUN,  ARRRGGGHHH, at least once a week with the aid of the beautiful garments and trainers above.

This should be do-able right?  I will be blogging my progress as ever peeps so stay tuned and will let you all know how I am getting on and how the Davina for Next gear is working out.

Wish me luck!

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      Not yet , unless they are offering 😉 , but AM part of their bloggers network. Had an e-mail about this range and if they like the post they will send me the stuff to try out. DISCLOSURE people right here! 😉 God I hope they like it as really do want to try it out. Looks fab eh? Fancy running with me in my, fingers crossed, new duds? X

  1. says

    Absolutely the best of luck.

    I know exactly where you’re coming from. I tried going to the gym this year and felt so guilty about the money I was wasting constantly. Because, I never had time – the kids always come first, don’t they?
    We are lucky enough to have a football pitch right outside our house, which theoretically means I could go running, except I wrecked my knee three years ago – so that’s out.

    But something good came from the gym, I found that I really like the cross-trainer. It doesn’t hurt my knee and it gives me the movement/exercise I really need. Instead of paying out for the gym again, we bought a trainer for the living room. So I watch tv and keep fit at the same time. Fantastic. I don’t have to drive to a gym and I’m there whenever the kids need me.

    Happy New Year!!

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      Same here. After not going for so long I finally cancelled my membership this year too. Just cannot find the time. Have seen a website that will rent out fitness equipment though so am looking into that. Would love to buy a treadmill but we really have no room for one long term. Love the sound of a cross-trainer in the lounge! Very jealous x

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    Go You! I got the email about this as well but decided my poor levels of fitness would just let Davina down 🙁 Think I might have a bit of a get fit kick once we’re settled back into work and nursery so do let us know how you get on. Those pumps would be handy for pottering round the office. Thinking about doing the race for life next year as well. Just thinking mind, let’s not get carried away!

  3. says

    I, for one, cannot wait until the streets of Surrey are full of sweaty women wearing all this gear.

    I have put on half a stone over Christmas so need to get back down the gym. Those pumps look ideal for protecting my hands when I am on the bench press.

  4. says

    Oooh I’ve done the stratford one before. Love race for life. Where are you? I’m in Solihull.

    Anyway good luck with the davina kit. I’d really love it as well. It’s fab. Fingers crossed.

    • says

      Am in Bristol now but my folks are back in Stratford and I know my Mum is keen to get fit again. Me and the lovely Cat from Yellow Days were also at school together there and she is hopefully doing it too. Come join us! Could be a massive Mummy Blogger Event!

      Fingers crossed for you too honey. The kit would be a massive help wouldn’t it. Keep me posted if you want to join us or if you need sponsorship for another race x


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