Wasabi Tuna and Sesame Greens

Clean and Lean Wasabi Tuna and Sesame Greens

After a very over indulgent summer holiday Mr B and I are now on a mission to get back into shape and start eating more healthily. Regular BeachBody workouts are back on the schedule at Casa B and we are aiming to 'eat clean' 70-80% of the week.  As my fitness buddies keep telling me, abs are not made in the gym, they're made in the kitchen. We tried this recipe for the first time last week and it was AMAZING.  It also made the kitchen smell incredible.  It is a slightly adapted version of a recipe by James Duigan whose Clean and Lean Diet Cookbook I would thoroughly ...

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How to pay with cash online: Try Ukash!


With an increasing number of companies taking their businesses online, it’s often difficult to find what you’re looking for in a brick and mortar store. Most e-commerce sites offer a vast selection of items to choose from, which steers people away from traditional shopping methods and towards online shopping instead. However, if you’re without credit or debit, you might be left wondering, “How does online shopping work for me?” Luckily, there are ways to shop online using cash, so that you won’t need to rely on those little plastic cards for payment or worry about identity theft. On that note, ...

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Monday Parenting Pin It Party #111

A very happy Monday folks and welcome to another Monday Parenting Pin it Party. Hope that you had a great weekend.  This week the party is being hosted by the wonderful Helen from Kiddycharts/Mummy's Little Stars.  Please do pop by to see who she has chosen to feature from last week's fantastic pins. If you are new to the party, welcome, and here is what to do: 1. Link up one, or more, of your own parenting/family posts. This can be anything you like but below are some examples: A family friendly recipe A child friendy craft Parenting tips or advice A post about a ...

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Three Little Words

Ralph Lauren Dress

Just three little words. Not one of them longer than four letters. Bite-sized words if you will. Three little words that can immediately issue a rush of adrenalin, install joy and passion in so many ladies. Three little words that can symbiotically install utter dread in the soul of many men. LOOK.........A SALE! *Watches Mr B disappear hastily claiming a heart-attack/loo emergency/wow look dinosaur moment.  Delete at will.* But I love a good sale and it just so happens that there is currently an AWESOME summer sale over at Melijoe.com. Sadly, nothing for the adult ...

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Sympathetic Decorating: 1930’s Kitchen Cool

Image Credit: www.home-designing.com

As regular readers will know we moved late last year from the suburbs of Bristol to beautiful, rural Devon.  A huge change in lifestyle for us and also an entirely different house style. We left behind our (damp) Victorian terrace and have moved into a (thankfully not yet damp) 1930's semi.  We chose this house in part because it does not need a huge amount of work doing to it but one room we do wish to change is the kitchen. Whilst we are fairly happy with the layout of the current kitchen it is not of great quality.  The flooring is chipped, the cupboards are peeling ...

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Monday Parenting Pin It Party #110

Egg box ice-cream cones

Welcome, welcome lovely pinners.  I am hosting this week's party again so come on in, grab yourself a drink and we'll get started. My first pick from last weeks links is a lovely summery craft, egg-box ice-cream cones from Treading on Lego.   I know the boy and I will have fun having at go at making some of our own. And with the 4th of July looming I could not resist featuring these patriotic fruit kabobs from Christianity Cove as my second pick.  Another way to try and sneak some healthy stuff into the smalls! Thanks so much to everyone who linked up.  I ...

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Monday Parenting Pin It Party #106


Welcome, welcome lovely pinners.  I am hosting this week's party so come on in, grab a drink and let's get started. It was a quieter week last week but I still found it hard to pick my favourite two posts.  This wonderful sew-your-own-rattlesnake though immediately caught my eye.  It is definitely time to dust off the sewing machine I think.  Thank you Sew Travel Inspired. My second pick was a great sounding Summer bucket list from While I'm Waiting.  It has motivated me to sit down with the smalls and make on of our own.   Thanks so much to ...

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Are We Waving Goodbye to the Welfare State?

The election aftermath

  Today I am on my travels and am very excited to be brain-dumping guest blogging over at Political Mummy.  So, now the drama of the election begins to fade I am asking what happens next. Are we waving goodbye to the welfare state? Why not pop on over and have a chat with me.  I'll put the kettle on and I hear Political Mummy bakes pretty good cake.   ...

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Beach Baby Beautiful

Sunuva Rashguard T-Shirt

With just two weeks until our summer vacation I have begun holiday shopping in earnest.  Yesterday was spent frantically dashing around a mall in Bristol, wrestling in and out of various outfits whilst simultaneously trying to prevent The Boy from exposing my half-naked self to fellow shoppers, or Little Miss from pronouncing loudly that every item was hers, "MINE", grabbing armfuls of what were once pristinely folded t-shirts and making off with them.  It was a stressful day. I have since realised the utter madness, and futility, of clothes shopping with kids and have decided to ...

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Monday Parenting Pin It Party #105

Welcome to another Monday parenting pin it party folks.  This week's party is being hosted for the final time by the delightful Fairy and the Frog.  Please do pop by and see which two pins from last week's party they have chosen to feature and bid her a fond farewell.   We would love for you to join in with us again this week. If you are a newbie here is what to do: 1. Pin up one, or more, of your own parenting/family posts. Each entry will be pinned to the Monday Parenting Pin-It Party board on Pinterest. 2. Follow the Monday Parenting Pin-It ...

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